Sunday, 10 April 2016

The new Jamberry Consultant Pack!

Ive just started #myjamberryjourney as I signed up to be an Independent Jamberry Consultant last week and today I received my consultant pack! Its just changed so I got the whole new version which is full of wonderful samples and wraps and all the items you need to get you started in your Jamberry Journey.

I was so excited to receive my pack that when I head the mailman knock I made a terrible decision. unfortunately at the moment Mr.10months isn't well and I was changing a bit of a poop explosion when there was a knock. So I quickly cleaned and left him butt naked while I answered the door. (Yep, I seriously did) I grabbed the package and ran back over to baby who was happily laughing on the floor. I ran over and snuggled him before Mr. 4 year old pointed out we were both covered in poop.

In the 2 minutes I was gone he had pooped, I had knelt in it and cuddled him. Poop everywhere, EVERYWHERE!

Thats how excited I was about this kit, I couldn't possibly wait to pick it up from the post office tomorrow and let me tell you, totally worth it.

Like the look of whats in the box?

You can join my team! Or you can host an in home or online party with me too!

Touched out

How amazing are baby cuddles?

Snuggles with your little people on the couch or in bed, its the most beautiful thing in the world.

As I'm also breastfeeding, I get extra amounts of love and cuddles.

Mr.10 months isn't much of a sleeper, he does he eating of a night time. So I'm usually up every couple of hours breastfeeding for around 20minutes or so. I do love these moments, when its just the two of us , in the silence of the night, snuggling and loving.

However, my poor partner gets home and if he wants a cuddle I just struggle. you just get to a stage where sometimes your touched out.

I can go the whole day where there is always someone touching me, cuddles, kisses, feeds, tickle sessions. Just always someone touching me.

Which is lovely, don't get me wrong. I love me beautiful time spent with my boys, I love the cuddles, I really do!

But sometimes you need a little bit of space, a little bit of time for yourself. Sometimes, 5 minutes of uninterrupted, untouched face booking is all I need to have my batteries totally and completely charged.

Before you have kids, there are so many wonderful and not so wonderful things that people like to tell you about, this was on the list of things I just wasn't expecting.

Sometimes your just touched out, and thats ok!

Take a break, look yourself in the cupboard and allow yourself a moment for yourself.

Then, head back to the babies and cuddle them, indulge them while they still love it!

But always look after you!

Have you ever been touched out?
What other things surprised you about parenting?

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Social media savvy

So I'm only 24 years old, I guess I'm in the "Gen Y" category. So the general assumption is that we know technology like the back of our hands.

Me? Well I'm technically useless. Im pretty sure my 3 year old has a better grasp of technology than I do. But it seems as though social media and networking via the internet is the way to go these days. So I've set up a collection of social media pages in hopes of figuring out how they all work. 

Don't ask me anything about key words or adwords or any of those technical terms, because as far as they are concerned I'm totally useless.

But here are the links to my social pages, if you'd like a laugh at watching me attempt to use them appropriately. 


Follow me on my Facebook page, I'm probably the most savvy with this one as I use it personally. However all these other potential uses blow my mind a little.


Yep I'm seriously going to give vlogging a try, I may be slightly insane! But I love watching vlogs and its a part of my blog that I would love to involve the kids in! So follow my youtube channel here


Ok so I have given this one a go before too, but I have no idea how i'll go using it to inform the general public. My problem is attempting not to over share. As a mother of two young boys, pretty much nothing is off limits for me. So have a look over here.


Now I am a huge pinterest lover. I spend way too much  a little bit of time on pinterest. But posting to it is not one of my strong suits. So this one will definitely be interesting. For example, I pinned a board once I thought was on private, it was all about baby things, before id announced my pregnancy...oops. But check it out over here! 

So thats it for now. I know there are other things like twitter! But I think id rather master a few before taking on new tasks.

Lets see if this young OLD dog, can learn a few new tricks!

Do you have any social media tips? Things you love or things you hate?

Feel free to add you links in the comments!

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Tuesday, 5 April 2016

All thats old is new again

Hello world,

Welcome to my blog. For me this is about blog 3.4. Ive had a few. Some where actually quite successful, others were not so. I love writing I love having an avenue to chat with the community and share my stories. Although sometimes I fall out of love with things and I can't handle my poor blogs being neglected. So I leave them and more on to more memorable places.


Im about to start some very exciting ventures in my future and I want to have a place to share that. It may just be with family and friends, it may extend to the greater community. Where ever this blog may lead me, is exactly where I'm supposed to go.

Over the coming days I'll be sharing bits and pieces about myself, my life and my beautiful family and also about my hopes and dreams for the future.

So for now, this is post one,

The beginning...again.